Acts of Contemplation

Exploring Focused Awareness, Stillness and Meditative Action

Welcome to the new series on Magickally Human. From the title you can surmise that we will be taking a look at the various ways in which we seek to find the answers to our deepest questions. It may not overtly appear as though this is the goal, but the underpinnings of each action we take to dive a little deeper into the space of our mind, the silence in pause, or the activity of movement has a question mark embedded within.

Some of the topics for exploration will include:

Focused Awareness
Practices of Stillness
Active Meditation
Interaction and Retreat

The goal of this series is to explore ways that we can cultivate contemplation while remaining actively engaged in the human experience. The Magickal part in being human is that we can engage all aspects of ourselves in the ordinary and mundane activities; not only those times we choose to remove ourselves from the worldly distractions. A walking meditation, sets the mind in a contemplative state, but still requires that the practitioner remain alert and aware to remain safe in the environment.

We can practice stillness in the midst of a confrontation or conflict and adopt the demeanor of expansiveness when your presence needs amplification and your words need to be recognized and heard. We have choice of being socially interactive or carving out our space of quiet and reflection where we can renew and replenish our reserves. This space of quiet and reflection may be the swimming pool, the dance floor or in a theater. It’s all in the attitude!

Our first post will hone in on cultivating Focused Awareness. To be fully present is to be able to experience the moment. To be aware is to know what surrounds you. And to focus means to be able to point the lens of refined experience precisely and with clarity in the direction you have chosen.

Next Post:

Focused Awareness: Take it All In


About This Series:

These posts will occur every other week, with related posts occurring in the Sacred Vessel Blog. This seemed to work very well with our last series about the Five Senses, so let’s carry on with what was successful. 

The Sacred Vessel Series is entitled:

Magickal Alignment

An exploration of energy and the practices that support and enliven our spiritual/magickal work

Magickal Alignment

Begins next week


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