How Do I Find My Way?


And, all the while I’m still looking to find myself…..


(Too Many) Choices

You know what I mean? Just go into a Starbucks and take a look and listen. Yeah, I come from the generation that went to the coffee shop and the choices included size? regular or decaf; cream and sugar was already out for you if you wished. So what about those choices?  Let’s see; a typical order might go something like this:

….I’d like a Venti double latte,  2% milk, light foam, low temp, decaf espresso, extra shot with a double pump of sugar-free vanilla. Oh, and please put a double sleeve on it and have it ready in 2-minutes. Oh, and please add a chocolate chip cookie, lightly warmed in a handle bag. Thank You!……. Oh, and this would be a “simple” order.

We are surrounded by choice and although some might feel that this is liberating, I see it as debilitating for many that can become a seed of discontent that grows in the abundance of too much. Some of my best experiences arose organically by making very simple choices that allowed me the time for integration and appreciation for what I have selected. Feeling lack did not enter into the equation, because there was just enough to feel satisfied, and just too little to encourage my own creative endeavors in completing the whole.

As I have gotten older and my thirst for information has become a driving force behind most of my choices made, the feeling of too much has come crashing in like a hard hitting wave that disrupts the soft and pliable sand of a flexible shoreline. The choices of where to pursue the next discipline of spiritual/magickal study are unlimited in our techno age. And, even applying the skills of selectivity and discernment still leave remaining a sea of new currents to embark upon.

Reminder to self… Slow down. Just breathe. Don’t have to know everything about everything. Choose wisely and carefully and not spread yourself too thin. The choices will remain; and you in your determination will only spin your wheels in trying to take it all in…. You know that saying “A jack of all trades, (is) a Master of none”.

Do I want to be a dabbler, or do I want to choose to walk deeply and frequently on a singular path until that path has etched within it the sole prints of my returning time and again; slowly and purposefully enjoying and learning all of the nuances that comprise its creation? Two choices in answer: Yes or No. It is that simple.

Now, here is a little secret I’ve come to realize when I approach selection in this way. When I have chosen the simple choice and tread that path of exploration, keyword here is “exploration”, more opportunities for choice have actually begun to fill that path’s hidden side roads. And, the gift of Free Will flows organically and expressively as I become co-creator of these new experiences. 

This is not to say that I follow this way of simplicity in all or even a few of my actions. I still juggle multiple studies at one time. I still stretch my abundance of choice muscles when I go into a store that has what I consider to be a “limited” selection. I still like to be overwhelmed and surprised by how many ways there are fix Mac and Cheese. But, I do try to be aware of when and how I am allowing the plethora of choices to fuel or deplete me.

And, what of the challenges that beset you when you try to fit too many choices into an act of intention? More on that next time….


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