In the Flesh


Welcome to Magickally Human! Remembering to be fully present in our physical experience is something that can be easily overlooked as we practice and strive towards fulfillment of our spiritual paths. This blog is meant to be that reminder as we look at the gifts of everyday experiences and cultivate the tools to strengthen these so the beauty and magick of the ordinary can become the gifts and tools of the extraordinarily Divine.

Mother’s Day seemed the perfect launch day for this blog. Today we honor the Feminine principle of creation and the product of human existence that comes from it. Every living being is proof of the power of this principle and the flesh of that creation is the manifest Temple that witnesses the sacred acts that honor it as the place of the Divine.

Posts will be weekly and cover a variety of topics such as health and wellness, the physical anatomy and optimizing its components, meditation and stress relief and more. Each post will conclude with suggestions for practical application and resources for you to explore in more depth.

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